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Amulet Power DIVERSITY

Posted 1 year ago

I would like to see the addition of new amulets that have defensive uses. At the moment amulets all kinda do the same thing but in slightly different ways. In coop horde style games there are usually classes or roles, but since most amulets are very similar in use, then we really dont get roles. To add more strategy to the game, there should be an addition of more defensive amulets.

1. An amulet that creates a barrier or bubble that only allies can enter, but enemies cannot. It has a timer but also a health bar. This way when surrounded teammates can enter and shoot enemies safely. When the barrier breaks it pushes out a force and knocks enemies back.

2. An amulet that heals or revives. When used it can heal all teammates to max health and or revive dead allies.

3. Time control amulet. When used time slows down for all teammates and enemies move in slow motion for a certain amount of time.

Those are a couple ideas, defensive amulets would make for much more strategic gameplay. I think it would add a lot to make characters more diverse in general and give them more of a role.

I would like to see one last thing as well...

Some dual purpose amulets...When Frank uses his 6 shooter amulet and only one enemy present, all the other 5 shots go to waste. I think it would be nice to have the ability to control either to disperse the shots by pressing the amulet button, or concentrate on one enemy by holding it, so if you hold circle or the b button to use the power, it will focus all 6 shots on one target.

Amulets that focus on one target would be nice, like if Frank had a super shot, where he gets one shot but it can kill any big enemy with one hit....

Just for shits and gigs Id like to see a Vortex trap amulet. I think it would be cool to have an amulet that creates a vortex and sucks in weaker enemies and stuns larger enemies for a certain amount of time. Just thought it would be cool for archie to be like doctor strange and create a vortex.

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