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New horde map PALACE performance issues PS4

Posted 3 years ago

 i play on unlocked framerate on ps4 pro and the framerate is very unstable on this map. Even without many enemies, the framerate is very choppy. Not sure why, but it definitely negatively effects the fun of the new level... The design is very cool! but it needs to be better optimized...



Posted 3 years ago

 Hey there,

Is there a particular part of the level where you are experiencing these issues?

Posted 3 years ago

 Just the whole level struggles in fps, but especially in the open areas... Sometimes when i am in smaller rooms the fps is slightly better. But it is very noticeable compared to the rest of the games levels.

Posted 2 years ago

 Framerate still bad in this area? At least, you have  the choice of unlocked framerate.... Xbox One X doesn’ t offer this option. This option is great in mind of the forecompatibility with next gen consoles = 60fps locked.

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