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Horde Mode - Village - blue button that turns green?

Posted 1 year ago

 In the Village map, I unlocked a door and there was a pedestal/platform thing that had a blue button on it. You can press this button and it turns green. When you press it the first time, the narrator says something like, "...time is of the essence..." and you can tell there is something to do, but there is a huge lack of information on what it is to do. Anybody came across this yet? And if so, what in the world am I supposed to do? I'm thinking it is some sort of time trial, possibly? 

Posted 1 year ago

 you have to unlock the full map and each unlocked section has one of those buttons to press..

run around the map (any order) and click all the buttons will get you your prize... which is the vault door opening to get your shotgun..

and according to my game.... i have not even played that map... !! grr  im very bitter about that as you can tell... 

Posted 1 year ago


im sure there are 5 buttons

Posted 1 year ago

 Thank you so much! 

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