Strange Brigade




Posted 1 year ago

 It would be much better if you could compare stats at the end of a mission with other players. ie, headshots, explosive kills, trap kills, amulet kills, assists, special monster kills (like the big ones that are harder to kill), damage taken, damage given, potions used, times died, revives, and accuracy.

Its always cool to compare stats to friends after a mission other that who got the most gold.




Posted 1 year ago

 A great idea! Certainly something to consider.

Posted 1 year ago

Thanks for the consideration, i love that you guys actually go on the forums and continue to improve the game!

 Not sure if you saw my other post, but i would love to see a rebalance of hard mode to make it harder, or an extra difficulty like hardcore or something for the campaign... I beat the campaign with one other person on hard and max enemies and only died a few times. Would like to see a harder option.

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