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Is the frame rate locked at 30 fps on the Xbox One X

Posted 3 years ago

 And are you planning to ever give X owners the option to push the frame rate up to 60 fps like PS4 Pro users can do? Thanks.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello! Game is locked at 30fps on Xbox One X. Unfortunately still no update to play it  up to 60fps like the Ps4 Pro. I can’t understand why they don’t offer this option on the most powerful console.... there is no sense and no parity. Digital Foundry’s  Darky60 wanted to do a video analyse of the game but the Lack of support of Rebellion about the X version demotivated him. 60fps is a true game changer and this amazing game deserve it.Mass gamer dont know about it but they feels when it smooth , more reactive and fun to play. I wish Rebellion update SB for X adding 1080/60fps option even 1 year later. It will be a good opportunity to talk about the game on media. Maybe Digital Foundry could do a video this time. Thanks

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