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Weapon Classes, Weapon Balance, and Creating a Distinct Feel for Each Weapon

Posted 1 year ago

First, the fact that different weapons have a different number of gem slots is an error. Each weapon should be on an even playing field in terms of customization potential. How gem slots should be decided and whether they should be broken into categories is another issue.

The way I see it, there are four primary weapon categories:

  • Rifles
  • Repeating Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Sub-machine Guns


Needing to reload actually makes a weapon feel better in the hands of the player and makes weapons feel distinct from one another. Lever-Action Rifles and Pump-Action shotguns should be given tube magazines. The amount of rounds the tube magazine holds depends on the particular weapon. Tube magazine reloading requires that individual cartridges/shells are fed into the magazine in rapid succession. Firing can be done mid-reload provided there is at least one round in the magazine. Performing a full reload is generally lengthier but the ability to fire during a partial reload makes this system adaptable. Bolt-Action Rifles should have internal magazines that are clip fed on reload. The current system of single shot, single reload is not engaging and makes them feel the same and bland.

Shotgun Diversity:

  • Shotguns should apply on hit effects per pellet rather than per pull of the trigger, and thus they become reliable at distributing on hit effects. Shotguns have different pellet counts.
  • The long-barreled double barrel should have the least spread, the best range, and the lowest pellet count but the highest damage per pellet (fires buckshot)
  • The sawn-off double barrel should have the highest spread, the shortest range, and the highest pellet count but lowest damage per pellet. This makes it the best at applying on hit effects to a crowd of enemies.
  • The pump-action shotgun should have medium range, pellet count and damage per pellet. Adding the tube magazine mentioned above would help it feel more distinct.
Rifle Diversity:

  • The strategic focus of rifles should not just be their range but the ability to pierce through multiple enemies in a line and penetrate armor.
  • The lever-action should have a 7 round tube magazine. It should have the fastest action of the rifles, but the lowest pierce potential.
  • The Lee-Enfeild should have the second fastest action and the second highest pierce potential. It should have a 10 round magazine that is reloaded via clip.
  • The huntsman should have the heaviest action but the highest potential for piercing targets. It should have a 5 round magazine and be reloaded via clip.
I haven't explored much in the way of sub-machine guns, or repeating rifles, but anything that makes the weapons feel distinct yet on par with one another is to be desired!

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