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How to change difficulty?

Posted 9 months ago

 Is there a setting where I can change difficulty on Xbox One?

I'm stuck on a late boss battle and finding it impossible.

Where would I find the difficulty settings?


Posted 9 months ago

 Yes - its there albeit a little hidden away - when you are on the character screen before you start, there's a  graphic of the campaign level you are about to play with an X button icon - press x takes you into campaign select menu. Down on the bottom right are 3 skulls with an X button - press x again and you can select easy, medium or hard AND whether enemy quantity is scaled to the number of players or full on max enemies. By default its on Medium / scaled to number of players so you should be able to take it down to easy at least...

Posted 9 months ago

 OMG thank you so so much. Will be able to finish the forsaken village now. Expletives were flying last night. Thanks again.

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