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Thank-you Rebellion!

Posted 3 years ago

 Just a little thank-you.  Being disabled it's hard to find good games I can enjoy by myself but ever since I started playing your games, I don't think I ever had a bad experience.  I have all the Snipers and Zombies and they always delivered good times, so when I found you were making a new game, I immediately started saving for the pre-order.  Not an easy task on disability and I nearly missed the dead-line, but made it with 24 hours to spare ;)  I am very happy with this game as it is a lot of fun, the announcer is great LOL!  You probably don't get to hear a lot of good things now-a-days so I wanted to make sure you got to read something good for a change and to know your hard work is very much appreciated. So, Thank-you to everyone over there at Rebellion, looking forward to your next adventure!



Posted 3 years ago

 Thank you!

I will pass on your kind comments!

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