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First Impressions - It's got a lot of potential but...

Posted 1 year ago

 So... after much soul searching, I picked up SB for the XBOX X... I've been following it for a while but I'll be honest, the reviews and 'Deluxe' version pricing put me off a little. In the end, I went with the Vanilla version. I'm only an hour in SOLO but here are a few comments, thoughts and suggestions...

Positives - Great foundation for a new IP.
The IP, idea and graphic design are all top notch - this feels like I'm playing 'The Mummy' as in a 1980s / 1990s action adventure monster film - it's a knockabout, fun, gun and run adventure with a few jump scares and block puzzles thrown in - its what it looked like in previews and its what I got - good stuff. Graphics are good to excellent (I've seen people say they're bad - nope, look fine to me), voice acting is OTT in a good way, I was a little underwhelmed by the gun fire sounds initially but they sound FX have started to grow on me as well. A solid foundation and (for me) all working well and feeling polished.

Bug or Design flaw - the walking / running feels off?
I'm not sure if this is a bug or a design decision... but my character keeps switching between running and walking... sometimes at the worst possible time. At first I thought it was a design decision (to limit running in certain areas e.g. at important puzzle points or in tents) yet with my controller (XBOX ELITE), if I let the stick go and push forward again you start running again... I think its like the game has a very narrow angle where pushing exactly forward is a run but slightly off North it immediately changes to walk. I'm going to investigate the custom settings for the controller to see if something is off in my setup but as it is, it really breaks up the flow of the game play for me, particularly if I'm running AWAY from a horde and suddenly start walking.

Suggestion - Needs bots.
From reading various reviews and forums, I knew SOLO play was possible but not one of SB's strengths before I purchased - it was one of the things that put me off clicking the purchase button... but for a team game, solo play is very lonely. It really needs some bots... even some basic ones that just soak up a few hits and fire back without specials etc. All the commentary and cut scenes talk about your team but its just me with little of the banter I was hoping for. I realise it scales for a single player but a third option with a small difficulty bump and a few, dumb companions would help the feel of solo play a lot. I fully intend to give MULTI a go when I'm a bit more comfortable with the game mechanics, maps etc but for a while I'm going to be playing a lonely game of solo.

Posted 1 year ago


I have now tried out a few different settings on the elite controller and the left stick and it does seem to be the result of a weird interaction between the settings and the game - I had my left stick set to 'SMOOTH' (one of the standard non-linear response settings in the Microsoft XBOX accessories app that lets you customise the controller's functions) and this seemed to cause the issue - setting it to a linear default seems to help a lot. The strange thing is I have the basic configuration set to smooth as it normally works well with 3rd person games like this. Someone at Rebellion might want to look into this, if only to confirm it for support purposes if others report a similar issue.



Posted 1 year ago

 Thank you for the feedback!

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