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Suggestions, Bugs, what can make this game much better...

Posted 1 year ago


I preordered the game and I'm very happy how it turned out!
The gameplay is fun and the gunning feels very good, with some exceptions. I will do a short list and explain it a bit. If someone wants to see gameplay footage, let me know I'll post that.

Bugs & Gameplay:

- The shooting feels sometimes a bit off, like the shots do not connect. Maybe it's just my bad aim, but still it feels sometimes "laggy".
- The flamethrower is a bit weak. It does not really feel like the damage is enough to compensate the high price and drop chance, I'd rather have the enhanced shotguns all the time out of these mystery boxes...

- The rushers (or as I call them: "Alistars"). These are very buggy, I've had so many situations where I got hit behind walls. The movement of them is very weird and sometimes unpredictable. Of course, I can understand that can be a wanted mechanic, but their behaviour is sometimes very messy.

- Dynamite: The dynamite is very strong and feels great but it's bugged. Sometimes after throwing it, it gets stuck under the ground. It becomes like, invisible - so it can't be manually shot to explode. This happened to me on wooden ground and even stone.

- The side roll (don't know how to call it else - Spacebar) is also bugged. I got stuck in some invisible non-existent walls. This should be fixed, it caused me to die alot. It's not like I got stuck and couldn't move, it was like I hit something but could walk through that.
- The weapon damage in general: The DLC weapons are just to good, like it's the best allround weapon, cause shotguns are weak on distance. I don't mind having very powerfull wepaons in the game, it feels GREAT! But the MPs or some "sniper rifles" feel just to weak. So there's no point in having them equiped.


- Healthbar of teammates. Why not add a HUD element, like a little list with the name of your teammates, or better a colour for long names and the healthbar shown. So healpotions can be shared more effective. It's just minor but I think it could be a great add-on.

- Ability to sprint. It's a bit annoying that we cannot sprint, the movement feels clunky sometimes and I wish I could sprint when I want. The character automated sprint is just clunky and not satisfying.

I will continue to add more points to the list in the future..but overall I'm in love with this game. I even took 1 week off to play it :D



Posted 1 year ago

 Thank you for the feedback. I will pass it on.

Posted 1 year ago

 A game that just works would be good enough for me :( 

Posted 1 year ago

 yeah, the shooting feels sometimes off, especially when the enemy is nearby. either the hitboxes are too precise or the shooting doesnt work sometimes.

Posted 1 year ago

 I've been enjoying the game, but have been getting very encouraged from playing in co-op. Is there any way to make drops communal? I'm tired of playing with randoms whom do no use their mics and just rush to collect the loot. This loot grab and potion grabbing deter from the exploration. Also, getting gold from a chest while someone gets a rune hurts. 

Posted 1 year ago

 I agree. A coop game that punishes you for playing coop is bad design. It's not like the weapon upgrades are plentiful. I can run a mission and maybe get 1. So 4 of us have to share like this? Yeah I'm not doing the same mission 4 times just so everyone can get one. Rather play alone. 

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