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Posted 3 years ago

I'm a huge fan of franchise, from  V1(PS2), V2(360) until V3(Xone)and I don't want see anything of trailers and gameplays of SE4 until the release date, but I saw a picture of game, and something was not there...

I must say, the first game was fantastic... the gameplay, challenge, scenery etc. was very good to play with my friend...

The second edition was a little rush, although a ok game, but a minor version, compared to earlier game (and i say why briefly...)

The Third game was a great surprise! The free world, the personalization of equipment, evolution of patent AND the comeback of a important element: THE LIFE BAR!

Yes! This aspect so forgetful in this days(especially in modern shooters games) and primordial to make a good strategy in a game...

Specifically in SE, the game becomes a poor shooter with cover system, and not the great and fun strategic stealth sniper simulation, if choose take out that element... i saw that situation occur before in V2, and I believe the producers too, as SE3 brought back the best elements of first game...

So, I beg to the developers: MAINTAIN THE LIFE BAR! Do not make this game a copy of so many other shooters, where you can rush, firing on everything and everyone always...

Do not take out, add or enhance instead! :D



Posted 3 years ago

 We have a life bar! :)

Posted 3 years ago

 Oh! Really?!? Thank god and you developers for that!

I  was a little worried, because many versions of shooters games are going to that path, and believe, this ruined each one, in my opinion...

a Ilife bar like the SE3 its perfect... the casual e non-gamer can  dislike, but for they, always has the easy mode XD

I confess, to me, I would add more deepness, and go for bleeding status, wounded, fracture etc. which initial difficulty modes could not have some, but Sniper Elite and Authentic could have all or, at least, choice which one turn on/off...

But I know, its too late to anything, but see these aspects in SE5  would be great!

For now, just the life bar its good too, besides the new content which you already prepare.

Can't wait to grab my copy! Thanks for such awesome franchise, guys! :D

Posted 3 years ago

 One more health bar question.

I saw the coop gameplay from EGX, when the partner was revived it didnt look like he was revived with full health. Does this change with difficulty? Such as on authentic, the partner would be revived but  with less health than on marksman difficulty? Thanks.

Posted 3 years ago

 Good question!

 To me also would be interesting revive items for partners with diferent levels of health...bandages for less, medical kits for full health, for exemplo...

That way, these items would be more relevant, and give the gameplay a better management of resources.



Posted 3 years ago

Cool idea. Have forwarded to the dev team.

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