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Game modes (multiplayer)

Posted 3 years ago

 With regard to how the scores are added together, who agrees with me that in a Team Deathmatch counted quantity and not the distance of death?

I would like to return to be like in SEV2, where you can play a duel Team (no cross) in which only amount to kill more than the opposing team.
That Team Deathmatch and King of the distance are two different game modes.

Posted 3 years ago

 exact. I share the same opinion.

I guess wrong you stay in second with a score 10/0 and knowing that the first had the 9/5 score had put greater distance in the shot.

Posted 3 years ago

TDM-It calculates when you kill someone. As in V2. Do not is calculated as 3.

TTH-Bring back to this game mode. We love it very much. Always full, our server if I start such a server. In this game modes. With a little update: Be a set how many dog tags Pick up, not 3 But rather more. Thus, the more difficult  this mode. Or that disappears after a time the dog tags.

TDK-One of the best game mode. Sniper Elite 3, however, the biggest mistake you could not in nocross play.

CTF-Very much like to be again.

DM- It's all in game :)

Nocross: TDM, TDK!!!!!!

And new modes

Assassination: One Team protect the target, target is a player. The other team who need to kill. 

Covering the area mode, Bomb installer mode.

And Nickbond- V2 website said a lot of fun game modes.

Posted 3 years ago

 TTH mode is not on consoles, so not good as it is (only what I played in SE1). In everything else I agree.
Great idea!

Posted 3 years ago

 Would definitely want to see CTF Mode, only this time More player responsive when it comes to shooting, felt CTF on SE3 didn't work when running and gunning (perfect for other modes, just not CTF)... SEV2 had it perfect .

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