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New Gametypes in SE4-Italy

Posted 3 years ago

 Last Sniper- Those who remain last. The winner of the track .Maybe a little later. The last remaining two. Can show position on the two men.In order not to pull over for too long. Others will be able to play.

Assassination: Sniper Elite 1 was  as well. Only here the target.Player can also be a target.One team defends, the other team is trying to kill him.For a while, it is protected. It had more laps. If you are unable to hunt down two minutes. You can designate a new target. Whether the other team as well.

TTH gamemode Update : I hope to return.More than having to pick up third.Adjustable to be. how much to pick up. To write down the points for the team.After a while, flashing the dog tags. Then it disappears.

TDM Update: It counts. Which team how many enemies killed.Do not basis points XP.

TDK like a SEv2: Can you play in Nocross mode!The option should be nocross. Not in a game mode. As at the v2.

Territory protection mode.

Bomb install up mode.

Posted 3 years ago

 Here a nice gameplay (pre-alpha) video.

Umm a wana play now lol

Posted 3 years ago

 I hope the multiplayer. They will not be such a big maps like3. :) And then I say give him a chance.Although because of Sniper Elite 3. Maybe I should think about. To buy this in this game. It was SE3 retrogression.You had so many good ideas. game modes. Sniper Elite v2 remember at.Not much of it was used up. Perhaps the king of distance.few pieces of it appears.


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