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Feedback from the first video

Posted 3 years ago

 I think this is Sniper Elite 3 - Big Italy DLC

Completely the same colors. Used as a SE3, yellow subtitles.

Movement is the same as the 3, It was very bad. In the three as well.Multiplayer.  almost could not shoot running  people. movement in v2 is light years better.

You could not play with only headshots mod.120 rifle either.It was a bad zoom, unlike in V2. and bad movement

You have said again those built the whole thing. I do not really see any difference. Between 3 and 4.

What i like. Climbing. Fighting the soldiers.Xray Explosion, and minimap! I hope these will be included in multiplayer as well.

We do not need such a big maps in multiplayer.As we saw in the video.Like Graves, Neudorf, Olibartus, and ruins.

AI was not smarter.Stabbing to see.2 meters soldiers do not realize.

How can slide on the chain? In real life. So can not. A maximum of the ladder can you slide.

Posted 3 years ago

 I like the gameplay. I see a good work and lot of ideas that several members have suggested since Sniper elite v2, such as:

1-Big maps. Now will be x4 as Se3 is.

2-Movements as a splintercell to be more silent and deadly.

This adds dynamic movement and desire to replay.

3-Returning colorful scenarios. The flight of the death cam is best enjoyed with these landscapes that bland desert 3. Although there is little seen in the gameplay, but I hope the flight of the bullet resembles the trailer in the last dlc of SEV2. (Which it is to focus on where the bullet flies).

4-All coop-playable. I hope that Rebellion let start a game and other join before as with NZATrilogy.

By now i only can say....Good work.

Waiting to buy it and play a lot.

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