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How to edit posts/threads

Posted 3 years ago

 How the hell do i edit my posts/threads?



Posted 3 years ago

 Just had a meeting about this.

Edit/Delete will be added very soon!

Posted 2 years ago

 Just saw this post, can we expect the ability to edit and delete posts anytime soon?

I only ask as you promised these features 11 months ago!!

Posted 2 years ago

 Very good question, this must be the only forum in whole internet that is lacking this feature.

Posted 2 years ago

 I realize this is a zombie thread, but we still need these features?  Plus may we please have the ability to delete threads we created or double-posted?  And may we be able to subscribe or "follow" sub-sections like "General/PS4" so we get notified via email of new threads right away (like we do of new posts of threads we follow)?

Please advise or update?




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