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Sniper Elite 4 Ideas (The Good & The Bad)

Posted 3 years ago

 I thought I would start a topic of ideas that are either good or bad and that could possibly still be added into the development of the game (depending on how far along it is).

Please feel free to respond if the idea is good or bad along with an explanation. Also, more ideas for the dev team would be great, so please add ones I miss!

1) Muzzle Blast-As I continually play SE3, I find myself setting up for shots that do not allow my muzzle blast to be seen by enemies. This places a more strategic emphasis on preparation and execution. At this point in the series, doing this allows me to "roll play" the part of Karl, but would be an amazing addition to future titles, even if it's only added on harder difficulties.

2) Light Reflection From Scope/Binoculars-As of now, this can be used to identify hostile enemy snipers, but as far as I know, the same does not hold true to you. What if this was used on possibly a higher difficulty level and it made you think about giving away your position. Perhaps during the day this forces you to fire from cover of shade or from under bushes or trees.

3) Suppressed Sniper Rifle or Machine Gun-I have heard this request from a few sources and I strongly appose it. I'm not sure what year the first silenced sniper rifle was made, but I do not believe they were used during WWII. I believe this is a bad idea as it would make the whole game so much easier to complete and the sound masking feature would be useless.

4) More Upgrades For The Weapons-SE3 had a lot of scope options, but I felt was a little light on the weapon mods for the rifles. I wouldn't mind seeing more of these added to give the individual rifles more character.

5) RPG Elements-SE3 had a leveling system, but I'm not entirely sure what it's full purpose is (I don't play multiplayer so maybe it was used more extensively for that). Not sure quite how I feel about this, but what about new upgrades and maybe some sort of perks be added as you attain higher levels?

6) "Sniper Alley" Mode-This would be added to the "Challenges" mode. Simply put, maps containing only snipers. Cat and mouse. Plus, the sniper locations are randomized each play through. Very difficult challenge.

7) "Sniper Creation" Mode-Think a simplified form of a map editor, allowing you to place type of enemy and location of enemy on challenge maps. Also, you can add drop locations for weapons and health packs. Could be used for solo and co-op challenges and even multiplayer. Could also be used like Hitman games where you can share your maps with the community to play.

Posted 3 years ago


I'm very excited about this game, in particular due to my Grandfathers Service in the 1st Armored, and later detached to the OSS after Anzio, being he spoke Italian, and worked with Partisans. 

It's also at the right time, in that it seems WW2 (and maybe even WW1) maybe making a comeback on Consoles.

Sniper Elite games were always a blast. I'm hoping they do more with Character Customization, in the least, to change your Outfits, like you're able too in the MP. 

I like dressing up in the German Outfit, particularly behind enemy lines. And for the first time, even get a helmet to wear.

Aside from that, maybe they can fit in a "Navarone" setting (from Guns of Navarone lore), which was not the Italian Campaign, but not far in an Island off the Aegan Sea. 

A monstrous gun emplacement in the mountains, posing deadly risk to Allied ships. I think in the way SE does it, it can be Epic, being Karl has become much more than just a Sniper, but a Ranger of sorts, as much as an Agent gathering Intel. Anyway, good luck fellas. Can't wait.



Posted 3 years ago


I'm very excited about this game, in particular due to my Grandfathers Service in the 1st Armored, and later detached to the OSS after Anzio, being he spoke Italian, and worked with Partisans. 

 Thats awesome. Again, thanks for the feedback!

Posted 3 years ago

 I agree with your points 1-7. However 4 is where I might disagree. I would like to see weapon upgrades only related to historical truth. I would also like to see historical scopes and customization/camouflage. Or if they do offer full non historical customization, please provide a realism mode where only historical weapon load outs are offered.

And I found this interesting regarding scope reflection in ww2

Great games Red orchestra2 and sniper elite series. 

Posted 3 years ago

 I just hope they add a difficulty thats harder than SE3's Authentic difficulty.

Posted 3 years ago

 I hope it will be Steam Workshop support like a Battlezone! 

Posted 3 years ago

 I looked at the link you added and it's very interesting stuff.

I would imagine using the binoculars would possibly have a better chance of causing scope reflection in DIRECT sunlight.

LOL, so after reading that article the snipers that are on the Pont du fahs airfield would NEVER have their scopes reflecting like that in the night!

Still, I definitely think muzzle flash is something that should be added to the more difficult settings.

Posted 3 years ago

 Excellent skin for multiplayer, what do you think Rebellion?



Posted 3 years ago

 Looks very cool!

Posted 3 years ago

Rebellion, will we see more outfits in singleplayer? I would love to be able to customize my outfit. Be able to choose jackets, shoes, gloves etc. from the WW2 era. If not customize it entirely, then just have a few possible options in loadout menu. Mayby something like free V2 outfit if you already have V2 on steam.

Posted 3 years ago


I like the uniforms the "alpine" is my favourite :) and hope the Partisans which were a very important factor will be featured. And I presume MAB 38 will be the main weapon it was largely used.

Posted 3 years ago

 Yeah, the additional suits or customizable suits were an option I meant to put in my original post.

I really want the options for different suits or "skins." I especially would love to be able to create a ghillie suit! Been waiting for that the past few entries. I am so sad the enemy snipers in SE3 had these suits but we do not...

Posted 3 years ago

 I wish there was an option for non lethal takedowns. I often feel sorry, for simple soldiers, I have to kill in order to get to my target.

Posted 3 years ago

 The MAB 38, was widely used however, the backbone of these armies were rifles. Squad-leaders and assault infantry would typically have the MAB 38.

Allied ALpini were armed with allied British or American equipment.

Axis Aplini utilized old Italian equipment: carcanos 91/41, cavlery carbines, Breda MGs and MAB 38s. However, most Italian equipment and uniforms were mixed with new German weapons and gear. K98s became one of the standard rifles for the Italian RSI forces, MG42s were also the backbone MG of these new squads. (German squads are centered around the MG.) G41 Walther rifles also made an appearance please refer to link but were still rare.

They probably were handed to the best shot of the squad or squad leaders. Training and squad structure matched the Wehrmacht and in essence the Italian RSI forces became an extension of the Wehrmacht.

Partisans used whatever they found on the ground extra. Some partisan brigades had X-Alpini troops. I would just like to say for now that the Partisan movement in Italy did exist and contribute to the war effort and liberation of Italy (blowing up convoys, trains and supplies which would incite Wehrmacht and RSI reprisals on the local populace.) The partisans were not as popular as people think, many Italian civilians just wanted to survive the war and not pick a side, they assisted axis and partisan forces in an attempt to remain neutral. This collaboration led to many partisan reprisals on "suspected traitors" and the local populace whether factual or not it did not matter. Nevertheless, their role in the whole war has been excessively over romanticized by Hollywood and misinformation. The reality of the partisan movements was the fact that they were continuously on the run and hiding from the extremely effective counter insurgency programs executed by the Wehrmacht and RSI republican forces. Their greatest success only game in late 1944-1945 when allied victory was inevitable which was also when they began to step up their activity.

Posted 3 years ago


For those who which to learn more regarding the period known as the “Italian Civil War 1943-1945” feel free to check out these videos and books. This is overlooked period of time in history. The Italian archives are also extremely overlooked and practically never referenced or citied which leaves much left to discover.



The Links provided goes to Italian veteran accounts of their experiences as soldiers. The channel account and owner has various other videos from Italian WW2 veterans. Good and interesting to watch. English subtitles provided in video.

The link above goes to the movie Mission For Mussolini, take the documentary with a grain of salt. Please, keep an open mind, then make your own conclusions or research more. The introduction will give you a grasp on what the period of 1943-1945 was like.


Actual footage of Italian Monterosa, Bersaglieri divisions training in Germany. Avoid comments section


RJB Bosworth – Mussolini’s Italy


Philip Morgan – The Fall of Mussolini

Men at arms series – The Italian Army 1941-1945

-   Italian Black-shirts 1941-1945

Benito Mussolini - My rise and fall

Martin Blinkhorn – Mussolini and Fascist Italy

Guiseppe Finaldi - Mussolini and Italian Fascism

Enzio Caniatti - Legione SS italiana. Storia degli italiani che giurarono fedeltà a Hitler


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