Sniper Elite 4



Sniper elite 4 is a bad game

Posted 1 year ago

 guys you cant have it both ways. Either give us the possibilty to adjust the scope like a real sniper, or take out the ballistics.

There is no sniper in the world who would kind of wing its shot by holding his crosshairs somewhere over the guys head guessing if its going to hit.

You really think authentic mode is fun to play when your uncertain about any shot over a 100 meters?

Oh and by the way a sniper rifle doesnt have this much bulletdrop. Its rediculous.

Either make the ballistics realistic or dont bother in the next game. This is not marksmanship. Its a gamble shot game which punishes you for making mistakes but doenst give you the tools to eliminate the chance for these mistakes.

This game is nothing but a disappointment. Put that on a 100, 200 or 300 meters



Posted 1 year ago

 Newsflash: It's a game.

Posted 11 months ago - edited 11 months ago by DicheBach

 The fact the windage part is rough doesn't make it a "bad game."

That said, I agree though that "Authentic Mode" is less than fully satisfying. I have desire to play it, though I would like a bit more challenge than my modified "Normal" settings offer. The fact that enemies take more shots to kill on Authentic is equally as ridiculous as the fact the windage is handled roughly.

 Zees is fascinating.

Posted 11 months ago

 The fact the windage part is rough doesn't make it a "bad game."

 Zees is fascinating.

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