Sniper Elite 4



Lorino Dockyard Cheater

Posted 1 year ago

 WOW i love playing this game and with friends in Multiplayer but this past weekend we played against a player who exploited the Lorino Dockyard map and was killing everyone while he hid at the lighthouse! YES he was across the water at the F****ng Lighthouse. 

how much fun can you expect the true fans of your game to have when there are exploits of the map like this??

i know this will likely not be read or even responded to, my thing is i would like to have these glitches rectified or put out instructions so everyone knows how to glitch and can combat this nonsense.

i rarely play many other games online in Multiplayer except this one i have a bunch of friends who enjoy this game and the multiplayer mode extensively. what are we paying for? fix the glitches because playing like this is not fun.

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