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Clan Members Area.

Posted 3 years ago

 A place to Announce your Clan, or Requests to Join/Setup a Clan.

Posted 3 years ago

Ok So, Just want to Announce Our little Group .{IND}. The - Independents .{IND}. We're NOT a 'Clan' as such just a Group of 'Independent Players' who enjoy playing 'Sniper Elite and Sniper Zombie Games such as 'Zombie Army Trilogy' with like-minded players without being tied down to Clan Rules....We do our own thing and enjoy what we do, we're a relaxed group, but also try and keep membership down as to keep it manageable. it's an Invite only Group, if you have a good demeanour, play fair, and a Clan Environment isn't your style of play, then maybe .{IND}. would suit you for a place to belong too, instead of winging it on you're own on Steam???

That being said: There are Many great Sniper Elite Clans on Steam, which are all worth checking out if your into all the Clan Battles :)

Great to See another Sniper Elite Game being Released...Lovin' it! , hopefully maybe see some of you guys In-Game :)


Posted 2 years ago

 Check out the recent Thread I posted:

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