Sniper Elite 4



Playing out of the map

Posted 2 years ago

 I played map Dockyard. One player played out of the map. How is this possible? I have the video clip to prove it.

 ALEXANDEREBENTO83  is his username. He was playing out of the map. That is cheating right? 

Video clip is has 980 MB. I dont know if I can upload it on this website, for you to see . What can I do?

Posted 2 years ago

 They don't seem to care about cheaters...Just look at the leader boards and see all the ridiculous "high" scores and "long" shots. I would suggest in the future that you host the game and kick any and all cheaters you see.       And bravo to you for attempting to report them.

Posted 2 years ago

 They are bugs of game - bunker, port, marina, riviera, we can go out of the map

Posted 2 years ago

 Just because one CAN do a thing,doesn't mean one SHOULD do a thing . If you want to exploit glitches then start your own game and put it in the  game name .Glitching in a regular game isn't fair to those that don't know about it,or care to be playing with people that are .It's hard enough for noobs to learn the ropes just with all the Top Guns out  there playing as the game was meant to be played .

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