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Incomplete Takedown X-Ray Killcams [Help Needed]

Posted 4 months ago

I'll be straightforward.

From the very beginning, whenever I melee killed any enemy, almost all X-Ray parts were incomplete, so I only got to see the rest of my takedowns, leaving me with a disappointment feeling because I didn't get my visual reward to venture to kill a foe that way, under a rain of bullets.

To make my point clearer, here's a video I recorded that shows what I'm saying (very sorry about quality, speed and sound; I almost never record in-game videos):

Another video that shows how takedown X-Ray killcams should happen:

I already asked for help on the Steam Forums, but almost to no avail. I was told it had to do with something related to the configuration, but I'm a 100% sure it hasn't.

I tried reinstalling the game (having backed up my progress), but the problem continues.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Posted 4 months ago

 Can you send us a dxdiag to so we can look into this?

Posted 4 months ago

 Done, though there wasn't an option to attach files, so I pasted the information there.

Thanks for your reply.

Posted 3 months ago

 Helllo there again, and sorry for my late reply (quite busy these weeks).

Despite trying the solution you proposed, the problem persists, and I'm feeling a bit down, becausee I'm not enjoying the game the way it should meant to be, and I neither don't want to think I just have to play it like that.

Is there any other way to solve it? I'd be very thankful.


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