Sniper Elite 4



Xbox One X

Posted 1 year ago

 Will we get a Xbox One X Enhanced Update?



Posted 1 year ago

 We can not comment on this currently.

Posted 1 year ago

 Hi.  Are you able to give us any hope whatsoever?  I can live without a timescale but in simple terms should I be looking to buy a PS4 pro if I want to experience the enhanced console version, or can I be content with my Xbox one x knowing an enhanced update will arrive in time?

Thank you for all guidance.

Posted 10 months ago

 Any update on the enhancement? This is one of my favorite games of all time and I would love to see this game age well!!

Posted 9 months ago

 Sooooo I'm going to take that as a no?

This is horrible support for your customers guys jeez.   

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