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Posted 7 months ago

 Hi all,

first of all sorry for any errors.

With my team we are trying to set up a server but we have some pints that we aren't -actually- able to manage.

Before open a support ticket I would try to see if the community of this great game can give a little help.

Here our actually points:

1) red screen

When we are seriously hit we got a red screen... but this red screen stay even if we have patched ourselves.

It's not a user problem (on the other server we haven't this issue)

2) we have set up a map rotation and the vote (the idea was: without votes the server will use the map sequence, with votes he will take the vote): the vote haven't an impact an every map is played twice

3) it is possible to set up a server with, for example:

map_name -> DM -> 1 round

map_name -> ND -> 2 rounds (revenge switch side)


Thank you for your time and help

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