Sniper Elite 4



Flare gun

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi there, first off i want to say the SE series are 1 of the best games ive ever played. I have always loved war games [mostly ww2] but i dont like close combat and have always loved games that have sniping levels. I'm new to the PS4 and didnt think id like the dualshock dfor a shooting game [much preferring gun accessories] however ive got used to it now and i love these games. Im getting excellent scores and accuracy on SE difficulty and im addicted playing a little every day! I only play single player. My only gripe is that whilst i have a flare gun and ammo for it, it just wont work for me. Ive watched tons of videos and tried various fixes but it just wont fire a flare and only fires bullets?? No arc appears at all.  Can anyone help please as im currently  doing the challenges, some of which need the flare gun. Also ive bought the season pass but it's not giving me the option to download it? It says i have to restart the ps4 to access the dlc content which ive done several times but i stil cant access this. Can anyone advise please. Cheers Dawn

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