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I need to rant ! I need to yell ! Help Us Rebellion Dev.

Posted 2 years ago

     There have been players, and even hosts, like this since the first death match (Doom/Quake?).  Players yelling: cheater, hacker, camper, quad whore, etc. etc.   More often than not because you saw them before they saw you, and they died.  You need a thick skin to play on a public server.

     Not sure what Rebellion can do about it.  I think the best solution is to host your own game and invite people to play who you know, or others you have played with before who you know to not have engaged in the childish behavior.  You can turn off friendly fire, and I have even seen games that require a password to join, although I can't seem to find that option in the multiplayer set up screens.  

Posted 2 years ago

I fully agree with the man who raised this insurmountable problem. The developers of the game, do not want to solve this problem, they do not care what you ask for. They transferred the server to the power of players who regularly abuse this right, for no reason and without reason do kicks or bans to players who do not like them for one reason or another, or for their far-fetched reason. They make a ban if the mate defeats them in the game, they do not allow such players to defeat themselves. Here's an example of how the admins of the server behave (). For the ban on the server, they are not the first reason, that for example the player is not playing fair or behaving in an undesirable manner on the server. They delete because they so wanted, because they are KINGS and KINGS of their server and they do not give a damn what you think of them, because they pay money for the server. This is what is currently happening in this game. In connection with this situation and the approach of such players to the game, in this multiplayer game around the world only 50 people play, they killed the game, by their actions, they destroyed the game. Also, the game itself is destroyed by the developers of the game, by their inaction. Tell me why games like Dota, KS, Warface, Survarium are more popular than SE and they play millions of people around the world?

Because the developers of these games, support their games and the server in them do not belong to the players.

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