Sniper Elite 4



So what are the plans on Xbox One X? 4K and/or 60 FPS? Better graphics quality or something else, what?

Posted 10 months ago

Xbox One X is right around the corner very interested to hear if there are any improvements under development for my favorite game on Xbox One X? Like there was on PS4 Pro.

Posted 7 months ago

 Really? Nothing? This game could benefit so much from extra muscles X has. Why hasn't this apple being picked already?

Posted 7 months ago

 I agree with the OP. I am picking up this game next week during Black Friday and would LOVE to see some enhancements on my new One X. Thanks in advance! And can't wait to play this game!

Posted 6 months ago

wio      هسته i5 شرکت 3000 

رم. 4 گیگابایت

windows7 64 بیت

erroo no saport؟

Posted 6 months ago

wio هسته i5 شرکت 3000 

رم 4 گیگابایت

windows7 64 بیت

erroo no saport؟


Posted 5 months ago

 Still nothing and not commenting anything does not help, it's totally opposite radio-silence is harmful. Almost purchased Rogue Trooper but then remembered this huge letdown Xbox One players being betrayed. Not good what a waste...hope this is really not happening and enhancements are being developed.

Posted 4 months ago

 Anything? Even just HDR for Xbox One S & X would make miracles on this game. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 game will get multiplayer mode finally today, it's not Enchanced either but has HDR and looks awesome.

Posted 4 months ago

 I feel exactly the same about the radio silence.  I’ve bought all of the sniper elite games and each one in my mind has got better and better.  Last year the PS4 received a pro enhancement upgrade and that looks incredible.  

I have asked the same question on another thread and there has been no reply there, which seems a little off to me.  

If anyone from Rebellion is reading this can you please let us know if an Xbox one x enhancement is being progressed?  I’m not asking about dates, but only whether or not I can avoid buying a new console to experience 4k, or am I set wit( my Xbox one X.

Thank you in advance 

Posted 4 months ago

O Xbox One X está ao virar da esquina, muito interessado em saber se há melhorias em desenvolvimento para o meu jogo favorito não Xbox One X? Como não havia PS4 Pro.

 também aguardo comeu hoje por um patch para o novo Xbox one X! Logotipo do espero que saia.

 Ola amigos da Rebelion, sou um jogador que é uma versão do jogo da série SNIPER ELITE, é um novo comprador Xbox um X, para jogar também o mais novo jogo SNIPER ELITE4, porem tinha agora não tem falado sobre o suporte ao jogo não xbox um x muito mais para o jogo para o Xbox um X, pois não é o jogo no suporte PS4 PRO, espero que atualiza o jogo, pois ficaria lindo jogar não X! Grande abraço a todos que trabalham na série Sniper ELITE!

Posted 2 months ago

 DOOM (Released 1H 2016) received Xbox One X Enhanced patch today and it looks AWESOME. Still nothing regarding this. Very big disappointment. Shame on you Rebellion :(

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