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Deathstorm Part 3 - Patch 1.5.0.



Posted 3 years ago

By Popular Demand:

·         Players can now select custom reticles for their rifle scopes.

·         Add “Clear All Collectibles” and “Clear Level Collectibles” to the Service Record for players wishing to reset and replay missions.

·         Add ability to select wind strength from within the Shooting Range level.

·         Add an option to remember the zoom level when entering scope/binoculars.


New Content:

·         New multiplayer map (Bunker), FREE to all owners of the game and playable in all multiplayer modes (excluding No-Cross).

·         New survival map (Facility), FREE to all owners of the game and playable in both solo-survival and up to 4-player co-op.

  • New "Authentic Plus" difficulty for an increased level of challenge.
  • Custom Difficulty now has some extended options.
    • AI Aggression will make the AI never give up searching once alerted if set to Authentic Plus.
    • Authentic Suppressors has now become Authentic Attachment. It will make Suppressed shots still make some noise, and also limit the zoom level of Scopes and Binoculars. Any old saves with this enabled will now also limit the zoom level.
    • Player Toughness will now disable Character Skills and Weapon Upgrades if set to Authentic or Authentic Plus. Any old saves will retain whether they had Character Skills and Weapon Upgrades enabled/disabled.
  • Save Option allows the save types available to be set.

·         Increase maximum player rank to 250.

·         Six new Axis character skins from Deathstorm that can be unlocked for use in Multiplayer.

·         Support for Deathstorm Part 3: Obliteration and Lock And Load Weapon Pack.



·         Various fixes to the use of character skins other than Karl.

·         Vehicles stop firing once the gunner has been killed, rather than completing the current burst.

·         Tagging hats and binoculars dropped by AI no longer tags the AI that dropped them.

·         Various fixes to make the neunfaust less awkward to use.

·         Fix various machine guns stuttering when firing from hip.

·         Artillery spotters no longer slide around while firing their flare.

·         Vehicles in convoy should wait until the vehicle in front is fully destroyed before resuming their route to avoid getting caught in the final explosion, and vehicles should never start moving if their driver is dead.

·         Multiple bug fixes to campaign and multiplayer levels




Posted 3 years ago


·         Various capture-the-flag fixes to prevent flag pickup from appearing inside geometry or sliding around the level.

·         Fire should now cause damage to players in headshots-only mode.

·         Vehicle collisions should now kill incapacitated players in co-op.

·         AI continue to target incapacitated players in Survival until they are fully incapacitated.

·         Fixed melee kill prompt that occasionally stopped being allowed for some players.

·         Fix so firing any suppressed shot won’t ping location on enemy radar


Dedicated Server:

·         Add Server.KickBanSteamID command (and output the numeric Steam ID in appropriate places for server admins), to allow banning by Steam ID without that player necessarily needing to be connected at the time of the ban.

·         Show the IP of the client connections in the player list for remote RCON.

·         Fixed and improved the reporting of player information in the remote RCON web interface. Now reporting kills, score and latency.

·         Added a script tab for automating remote RCON tasks

·         Updated dedicated server command reference documentation




Posted 3 years ago

 Ok its the 18th and 1315hrs and no Deathstorm. What time will it be released?




Posted 3 years ago

 It's out now.

Posted 3 years ago

 Is it only out for season pass holders?it is not on ps store as of yet as a single dlc

Posted 3 years ago

 Hello Rebellion!

Its 10am here in the States, and I can't find Deathstorm part 3 in the PlayStation Store. Am I too early? Any suggestions? Thanks !

Posted 3 years ago

I cannot find it either?  But I see screen shots already of others that have it??

Posted 3 years ago

 available for download now in USA

Posted 3 years ago

 PLEASE DISREGARD MY PREVIOUS POST! Deathstorm part 3 is now available in the PlayStation store. Thanks Rebellion!

Posted 3 years ago

 I am a season pass holder and i still cant find it

Posted 3 years ago

 Great game Rebellion.  Keep up the damm good work. Think we could ever see a BAR? 

It would be cool to have the ability to completely customize our rifles. There are many varients of most of the weapons on the game that would be cool to access more options.  

 Thanks for another great Sniper game. Thumbs-Up 


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