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Stuck on a ledge.

Posted 2 years ago

So, I am on the third level, Regilino Viaduct and I have been playing the level for hours enjoying every second of it, playing completely stealthy, I have gone through and found all of the collectables and have completed all of the optional objectives and have done everything, however, after a couple of hours of working hard I have found myself stuck on a ledge that I cannot jump back up from and the checkpoint reloads just reload me back on the ledge again. Is there any way I can save the hours of progress I have made or will I have to lose everything by restarting the level?

Posted 2 years ago

 Try load game , there should be 3 times you can chose from , MAYBE one will take you back before the ledge , if you tried too many reloads then yes you will need to start over , but you said you enjoyed it so enjoy it again

MUST stress to use manual save , OFTEN , I sometimes manual save after every kill/vehicle shot etc.

This is my fav. mission.

Did you stop extra ammo truck before it got to bridge ?

I've done it in 2 different locations


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