Sniper Elite 4



Observations / suggestions / grievances

Posted 2 years ago

+ nice size and scope of maps

•the bigger, the better when it comes to sniping games

+ graphics

• nice map visuals and ambience

+ good audio suite

•weapon / ambient sounds 

+ native languages for NPC's

+ improved environmental interaction

• can climb to many areas

± weapons suite

•enough, but lacking

± mission structure

• mostly of the 'go here and kill / blown up' variety

± robust, yet somewhat ineffectual A.I.

• parameter tweaking not pronounced enough in effect

± improved skill tree, but quiet shallow

• negligible tangible effects; limited branching paths / combinations (more options and obvious effects, would have been preferred -- even if at the cost of some balancing  de-buff)

± A.I. ebbs and flows from dumb to super sentient

•bat sonar ability to find players, only to then suicide rush in and kneel in the open, within execution range; cannot defuse any traps; armour does not charge the player, as its intended for, and acts more like target practise

± bullet cam in multiplayer

•better and more consistent that in the past, albeit with a haphazard "fast cam" function, that seems to work only randomly (*full slow motion cams still activate in MP with said parameter set to "Yes")


Posted 2 years ago

 - Survival maps too small for a sniping game

• invisible walls; areas inexplicably inaccessible (often only to players); homogeneous map environs

- Too few Survival maps

•should be ten maps; many nice campaign areas un-availed; the available maps are mostly guerrilla warfare centric, as distinct from sniper-friendly

- Survival A.I. always gravitates towards player location

• this, irrespective of alert status or even a bullet being fired (*may be tied to limited map size, or...)

- once alerted, Campaign A.I. 'rushes' players from most of a map's region -- rendering many missions a game of surviving a 'wave' of enemies, then leading to an easy / easier objective

• can leave the mission targets exposed (for lack of remaining defences) -- should have either  been unlimited waves / re-enforcements -or- A.I. should simply bunker-down after their numbers begin to thin -or- increasing difficulty in enemy spawns, to the point where its unwieldy to camp / attrite enemy

- bullet drop too accentuated

• ~3m in-scope drop from ~150m

- wind affects too accentuated

• no visual clue re-enforcement, as to the wind's direction / strenght

- wind direction meter 'arrow' too simplistic and more like a crutch 

• an actual windsock, or the like, would have been preferable here -- something less 'rigid', more 'organic' and interpretable

- weapons upgrades too miserly and grind-heavy

• essentials, like better scopes, et al., could have been handled through in-mission / in-play loot items, then attached on the fly; shotgun use to unlock shotgun, is a silly design 

- bullet damage odd / inconsistent 

• <50m = steel; 50~100m = wood; 100~150m = rubber; 150m = spud plugs...

- cannot view remaining bullets via items wheel menu

• should be present--so as to assist in "authentic" configurations; could serve to simulate actually taking a magazine out to check remaining bullets (*an additional and separate item wheel function, that takes a moment longer to access -- simulating the time it may take to accomplish task in real life)

- A.I. mid-range accuracy better with machine guns than with rifles

- A.I. snipers, despite accuracy, cannot one-shot players into K.O. (or death)

•incongruous; A.I. snipers should be able to one-shot kill players on harder difficulty settings, AND with bullet cam (*optional)

- little / inconsistent environment interaction

• cannot open / close [any] doors / windows; cannot climb to / over logical places / obstacles; cannot move objects to create defilade / better vantage; obtrusive, immersion-breaking invisible walls; some areas are un-walled death drops, while others have invisible 'guard rails'...

- limited character actions

•no manual jumping; no sliding into cover; no rolling; no manual melee / bayonet stab etc.

- last four enemies revealed / "X-rayed" through environment (Survival mode)

- enemy target objectives intermittently revealed / "X-rayed" through environment (Campaign)

• should be a toggle-able option, if present at all

- some ammo / loot auto accrues, while body searching still required

•any automatic pick-ups should only occur while char. is crouched / prone; anything but weapons should not be automatically collected


Posted 2 years ago

 - cannot heal partners while prone, yet can heal self prone

- cannot mount rifle on solid surface to reduce scope waver

- scope 'float' too generous

•the standing 'float' is what it should be while prone

• could be an actually context interaction,  that requires a moment to enter / exit (*risk / reward mechanic)

- heart rated effects [too] negligible 

• vision should also blur momentary / take a short time to settle (through scope) at higher heart ratesl heart rate should stay high for longer (e.g., 30 ~60 seconds), once a certain high threshold (e.g., 90%) has been reached

- no encumberment on injured characters

• sprinting should not be permitted beyond a certain point of injury (e.g., 50%); aiming proficiency should decrease significantly, proportional to injuries sustained; near death, players should not be able to scope rifles and movement slowed to a 'lerch'

- no way in which to toss grenades around corners and trajectory line too obtrusive

• leads to glitchy-looking animations and obscured vision (due to trajectory line)

- characters (skins) lack any attribute distinctions

• some minor buffs / de-buffs / unique traits across the roster, would flesh-out the option more

? character will automatically enter crouched position while in prone, when near(-ish) to an edge of a roof of drop-off 

• leaving players exposed (should simply stop shuffling is the direction--or even cause player to drop / fall--if precipice is reached)


Posted 2 years ago

 ! weather effects

•can be static or dynamic; could be incorporated to affect bullet physics in real-time; thunder could mask shots; sleet could hide players / snipers better

! day-night cycles

•de rigeuer for games nowadays; would imbue missions with more strategy -- e.g., night time better for stealth but harder for sniping

 ! camouflage similar to environment, affords improved stealth

•foliage helps respectively dressed snipers; snow / lighter  foliage for 'snow' camo etc.

! a 'spotter' mechanic

•in co-op player, any player could be permitted to enter a 'spotting mode', were an area of taget tagged on the map by the sniper, can be easily found via binoculars, and then fellow sniper/s aided  (e.g., the 'diamond' aim assist could be in place for the spotter ;s binoculars and interplayed with the sniper's shots / bullet holes (also displayed clearly for the spotter) -- as to abet subsequent aiming calculations)

! swimming mechanic

• for traversing maps, escape and strategy; weapon wetness could affect weapons function for period of time after submersion 

! air or artillery support for enemies being attack out of their effective retaliatory range

• e.g., if being sniped from across a ravine, eventual air / artillery support could force players to relocate or encourage stealth; could also circumvent the need for over-aggressive A.I. and its 'rushing' habits

! shooting / melee from hanging position

• adds strategy and a point to the hanging mechanics (see: Tenchu series)

! shooting from cover (un-scoped)

• to more safely exchange fire  / covering fire

! ALL HUD / on-screen assistance tools toggle-able

• including mission markers; enemy rank designation; enemy locations; any 'Spidey senses')

! split-screen local MP co-op for two players (Campaign + Survival)

• the game's co-op-centricity is such that it's a different beast entirely (i.e., orders of magnitude more enjoyable) with a partner than in solo (to say nothing of the 'spotter' side of the sniping ledger) -- thus, all means by which to accomplish this play model, should be provided for (*where possible); progression could be attached to characters specifically {as distinct from profiles only}, as it is done with individual weapons)

Overall, the game is heading in a positive direction.  There are just some bugbears that keep it from reaching true AAA level greatness.  Small things, for most part -- but in game that is all about millimetres, they're nonetheless very important and can be the difference between a great product and a good-ish one.

Posted 2 years ago

 - cannot grab and 're-throw' a thrown grenade

- cannot toggle identification of interactable (red) props off from binoculars / scopes

- cannot toggle off bullet tracers

- cannot toggle off slow motion / slow heart rate / steady scope function

• not integral, as one does not have to use it... but still more preferable as an option

! option to remove all objective / enemy blips from map, as well as distance markers

• leaving only the "?" / hand scrawls -- the objective interactables glisten / are visible, so are still discernible without on-map nodes

! vehicles as defilade / sniper's nest

• abandoned or commandeered 

! emotes and gestures

• to lure enemies; signal team mates (e.g., bird whistles); taunts 

Posted 2 years ago

 ! an input command / button for stepping over mines

• for both one's own traps and the enemies'; using a control scheme ('hold' button) akin to 'sprint' 

! manual adjustment for wind strength multiplier and gravity effects

• from zero to 'maximum'; option to remove either effect entirely for initial (e.g.) 100m, with effect/s present thereafter

! bayonet attatchement option (for better melee)

• equipped at the cost of some weapon attribute/s (e.g., scope float); could facilitate a 'charge' character action / attack (see: later Gears of War games)

! C-4 explosives as manually deployable inventory items

• with the [difficulty setting] option of supplanting the context / 'canned'  C-4 pre-placed in mission objectives

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