Sniper Elite 4



Customize Difficulty: Multiplayer

Posted 1 year ago


We will not have a difficulty that we can customize item by item?

ex:. All this in one match

-Without shine on the telescope


-Without aim 


- Bullet drop 

We do not have modes for real hardcore players, always have a help ... WE WANT MODES OF DIFFICULTIES WITHOUT HELP SOME.


Posted 11 months ago

 Nothing Rebellion? No difficulty without help in multiplayer?

Create the Authentic Plus difficulty in multiplayer without any help.

Ex:. Wind, gravity, no marking, no luster of the telescope, no trace of the bullet ... all disabled.

We want this

Posted 6 months ago

 Can we at least get a custom private match? So we can select options my friends and I would want like hardcore shooting but with melee available for example.

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