Sniper Elite 4



Can't find downloads within game

Posted 2 years ago

 Have downloaded and installed Deathstorm 1 & 2 but can't find them to play. Can Any one help ? PS4

Posted 2 years ago

 Did you check your library ?

It's all the way to your right on same line as your games , press right d-pad button to get there .

Also , when you select mission , look to the bottom left hand corner , just above the back/select buttons . you should see square button DLC , PRESS IT , should show Deathstorm 1 & 2 , these do not show up on your regular missions list .

Hope this helps

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Posted 1 year ago

 Hello, I have been trying to view it in DLC box but everytime it would lead to content not found box. In the game page it shows purchased and downloaded.

Please suggest what to do?

Posted 1 year ago

 I also can't find down load with in game nor even find the game itself Sniper 4,but yet it has some DLC,but why?Would i even purchase them  if the game itself was never purchased? May i get refund or the original game i purchased?

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