Sniper Elite 4



Fix the aim wall glitch

Posted 2 years ago

 In multiplayer you can glitch through walls and shoot people. Its really killing the game. 

Basically the person can hide behind the wall while shooting you and there is nothing you can do to them.  

 Grape Nuts for breakfest, lunch, and dinner

Posted 2 years ago

 Nel multiplayer puoi sfondare le pareti e sparare le persone. È davvero uccidere il gioco. 

Fondamentalmente la persona può nascondersi dietro il muro mentre ti tiro e non c'è niente che puoi fare a loro.  

Unfortunately, it is a big problem, many play in this way, I soon attached a movie to be seen at the rebellion. Shoot without using the scope just with x. I kick out, who plays this way.

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