Sniper Elite 4



Masked shot glitch

Posted 3 years ago

 Been having problems on X1 with generators not giving the masked sound icon at the top and it only sporadically will work. I looked this up and many others have explained the exact same problem on many forums...Unfortunately only with solution suggestions of reload, quickload, switch to rocks vs mines, etc...but nowhere on you guys' forum is this mentioned. Just curious if Rebellion is at all working on this obvious glitch? Masked shots is pretty much the whole point and basis of this game! If we can't snipe Nazi's from half mile away without any one hearing, then we'd be playing Halo 42 or Call of Duty 97 instead! Just please let me (and us) know that y'all know about this glitch and are currently working on it!

Thanks, and keep doing what you all do!

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