Sniper Elite 4



No cross new map glicth

Posted 2 years ago

 Last night, no cross in the new map, I've already seen a player, go to the opposite side. Soon you find the glitch



Posted 2 years ago

We will look into this.

If you can ever get footage of this occuring that would be incredibly helpful.

Posted 2 years ago

 I know, but last night I did not. As I see it I will save the video

Posted 2 years ago

 It must be a tech problem cause it happened twice recently  but it was not a cheat  ! I respawned in enemy zone when 2nd half of match started and i shut down match

Posted 2 years ago

 Lo so, ma ieri sera non l'ho Fatto. Per venire la vedo io salverò il video

 Ha Jokerman destra. Come si può vedere in questo video. Si vede il triangolo blu, nell'altra parte, appena iniziato il secondo tempo.

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