Sniper Elite 4



Patch 1.09

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello I just finished playing SE4 with the 1.09 patch. I noted in the patch notes that the tagging feature had been toned to as not to tag people thru buildings and I think that is great. BUT now it is very difficult just to tag people in general. Even if they are in the open with no obstructions. It was not just me everyone in the room was complaining of the same problem  Please restore the tagging function back to the way it was is this going to be the result. Also the latency has really gotten bad, again it is not just me everyone is having the same issue. It is getting to point where people just going to stop playing SE4 and move on to something else. Has the number of servers been reduced there for the thru-put is reduced? We have noticed this issue since patch 1.08 came out where latency has really become an issue. Did the patch do something? Please address these issue quickly. Or as a result you will lose a large portion of your gamer base on PS4 and people will quit playing out of frustration. Me being one of them.

Posted 2 years ago

 I'm Italian you apologize to me for my English.

I agree. Using the tag, this is impossible. I agree, you do not have to tag when the rifle is out of the wall. But now, tagging when an opponent is running is impossible. Last night, in the party, people heard people say they would abandon the game. Please reset it.

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello, PLEASE SET THE TAGGING FUNCTION BACK HOW IT WAS!!!! All my friends are complaining about it. We are big fans of the game and play together nearly every day. BUT PLEASE RESET THE TAGGING FUNCTION LIKE IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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