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Posted 3 years ago

 If you are experiencing issues with your console in general, please try the official support of your console manufacturer:

An important first check:

Please check that your PS4 system software is completely up-to-date.

Go to Settings > System Software Update to do this. Then completely restart your console.

Or download the latest software for your Playstation:

Try a full reset on your PS4:

- From the main menu, select Power

- Select Turn Off PS4

For connection issues, test your connection to PSN:

settings > network > test internet connection

Multiplayer connection issues, check your NAT type:

Please check your NAT type. You can see this by going to Settings > Network > Internet Connection Status.

If you are using a wireless connection , try a wired connection and see if that makes a difference?

Detailed advice for network connection issues:

If you have an issue with access to the game or DLC

Restore license for the PSN network. Log into the PSN Account that purchased the content in question, Go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] and select [Restore Licenses]

Purchased DLC not present in game:

From your PS4's home screen go to the Playstation Store. Select 'Redeem Codes' and you should be able to input your code. Select Confirm. A message should confirm that your code has been redeemed.

Next go to Sniper Elite 4 in your Library, go to 'Related Items' and then 'My Add-ons'. Here you should see your DLC and can download them.

Installing DLC packages

- Highlight the game, scroll down into its options.

- Highlight Playstation Store, go right to Add-Ons and press X.

  • Press X on the arrow next to the pack you want to install. You may need to press this twice.

  • Next will be a screen telling you it is already installed with a redirect to [Downloads]. Select this and you should see the DLC being installed.




Posted 3 years ago

 As a last resort, you can try deleting and re-installing the game files via data management.


PS4 database rebuild (this works like a defrag or general error check for your data):

1. Power off your console, using either the power button or by removing the power source.

2. To boot the PS4 into Safe mode, Press and Hold down the power button on the front of the PS4, until the console beeps twice (once immediately, then another after a few seconds of holding)

3. Connect your Dual Shock remote via USB cable.

4. Press the PS button on the controller to pair devices.

The console will now be in Safe Mode

5. Go to option "5. Rebuild Database" and press X

6. "The database will be rebuilt, it might take a few hours to rebuild the database" will be displayed, Select OK.

7. The screen will go blank whilst the Database is being rebuilt and this could take a few hours depending on the amount of saved content.

8. When the Rebuild has finished the console will return to the sign in screen.

The rebuild is now complete. None of your installed games or features should be affected, but your database and memory will now be a lot cleaner.

If the problem persists, please use the search function on this forum, to see if the issue you are having has been reported and whether any solutions or work-arounds have been offered.

If you still need advice or help with an issue related to Sniper Elite 4 (or any other Rebellion game) please use the support page here:

It is very important that for best response, you include as much detailed relevant information as you can on the issue.  


  • Exact version of game
  • Exact description of problem
  • Any error codes observed
  • Whether the problem always occurs in the same way at the same time
  • What steps you have tried to solve the issue
  • Whether the issue has always been present or if it has just occurred (and anything that coincided with that).

Our support staff may have to ask for more information or ask you to follow steps to identify the issue.


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