Sniper Elite 4



DLC maps in Target Fuhrer and DeathStorm not loading completely

Posted 3 years ago


i have downloaded the DLC from PS Store, when trying to play the missions, the maps are not rendered completely; meaning, I can't see the sniper character, the sky is black, the see is black, i can see through buildings, i don't see the stairs, the boats are white; the sun look like a giant red ball, the grass is partially missing... the colors are basically RGB... 

Appreciate your help.. its frustrating not to enjoy the game :)


Posted 3 years ago

 Just to add that i have the latest updates (1.08) and tried to re-install the DLC but still the same issue.


Posted 2 years ago

 I have a similar problem. Only on the Target Fuhrer mission. The sky is green and portion of the ground are not rendered, you can see through to the rocks below you. This is near the insertion point. I took a screen capture but was unable to upload it to anything because I'm terrible at remembering passwords. I couldn't find how to uninstall and reinstall the content so hopefully that will fix it.

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