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Error 12002 Host Disconnection Problem Resolve

Posted 2 years ago

 Hi Everyone ,

I have seen the several people worldwide are facing the same error 12002 host disconnected issue which i was facing from day 1 of release this game ............but now last week i resolved it .

Guys just check your modem/router setting and enable UPNP setting in your modem which actually used for P2P gaming connection .

Even on my router it was disable and i was not able to play any Sniper elite 4 mutiplayer mode   for more the 6 - 8 min , After enabling UPNP setting on modem /router i have tested multiplaer TDM , DM so and all works fine .



Posted 2 years ago

 Thanks hitman, i will try then i will tell you the result 

Posted 2 years ago

 Its the same error even when I try to change UPNP, still 12002 not solved with me ?

Posted 2 years ago

 same problem even when we enable the UPNP!!!! any more ideas ? 

Posted 2 years ago


Two months now and still can't play any multiplayer match, also the support team can't help with these error, BTW i play sniper 3 without any error that main the problem with the server of SE4 .

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello, I have problem with Error 12002 Host Disconnection and I can not play through it, can anyone tell me why this is so. Thank you for your answer Ak-_ Epek-_ 

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