Sniper Elite 4



Error 12002 please help !!!!!!

Posted 2 years ago

 I can't play any multiplayer game , every game the error 12002 host has left the game !!! 

I try alot of thing in my router such as open port . But still can't solve the problem 

Any help !!

Posted 2 years ago

 same problem i'm facing .........

Posted 2 years ago

 Anyone help !!



Posted 2 years ago

 Hi Saoud & hitman,

The best way to get detailed support with issues / bugs is to send full detailed information in an email to:

If possible, please provide as much information about the problem in the email, such as:

(please remember to specify which version of which game you have)

Can you play any other multiplayer games successfully?

Is there anything unusual about your internet / router / ISP?

Do you have a network firewall that might be causing issues?

Does this problem occur 100% of the time, and always at the same moment, or does it vary?

Have you been having any other PS4 issues or any problems with your router & connection?

(it is possible that a full delete and re-install may solve the issue, but you may wish to explore other options before trying that)

Thanks, Jim


Posted 2 years ago

 Thanks alot Mr.Jim, i will send email and i wich to solve the problem.

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