Sniper Elite 4



Authentic Trophy Glitched

Posted 3 years ago


I have completed the campaign with a friend in Authentic difficulty (Co-op) without making manual saves.Sniper Elite 4 did not gave the two trophies (Are you Insane-Best of the Best of the Best).The trophies activated for my friend and not for me.I ve stoped playing Sniper Elite 3 for the same reason.It is very disappointing and anacceptable for me.I have wasted so much time .I have all trophies except ''The collector'' and the two dissabled trophies .Is there any oppinion or help

Posted 3 years ago

 O trofeu " the colector" está bugado para mim também, apesar de ter coletado todas as cartas!

Posted 3 years ago

 I can understand only English and Greek my friend.The fact is that I have collected The Collector trophy without collecting all the letters.I was missing 2 letters and surprisingly when I picked up one  letter The Collector popped up.I should have my platinum by now but I dont.It is very disappointing.

Posted 3 years ago

use the google.

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