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PS4 Constant Crash CE-34878-0

Posted 2 years ago

 So the title pretty much says it all. i've working on this error for 2 days now and im getting to the point were im leaning to a refund. The game is totally unplayable.

So far i've:

- Made a full Initialize of my PS4 system. Still getting the error.

- Installed and delete the game several times, waiting for the full download to complete. no luck

- Removed the original HDD and replaced it with a brand new SSD drive reinstalled Sniper elite only. Still getting the error.

- Set the Video to 1080p

So what gives here?? im at a total loss... Anyone have any ideas.

If i'm really lucky i can play the first part of the game until i reach the tower once i've shot a nazi or 2 it crashes. After that i can't even start the game anymore, i have to restart the PS4 system to try again, else it just hangs at the Rebellion logo.

Posted 2 years ago

 Should add the fact that i've bought the game of the PS store so it's a digital download. also many of my other games work fine.



Posted 2 years ago

 Hey Badrobot.

I believe you have already contacted us through support. We will investigate from there.

Posted 2 years ago

 Yes you are correct i did contact you, i just wanted to see if any of the forum members had any idears. It still crashes

Posted 2 years ago

 I have gotten this error twice while playing the Big Fat Wedding scenario, where you Infiltrate HQ.  When inside HQ or leaving BAM - CRASH!   I lose what I've completed and have to do it over again.  I will be on my third attempt today.  Also, I've had 4 lockups while playing this game.  The game is unresponsive as is the controller and the only way out is to CLOSE APPLICATION via the PS button.

I have plenty of other games and have never had a lockup or crash until SGW3.  Once might be acceptable but with the multiple times this has happened tells me there are some major problems with this game.

If I get another Lockup or Crash I'm done with this game.

Posted 2 years ago

 GEEZ!  I posted in the wrong game forum!!  Sorry Rebellion!

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