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Sound Queues/Meaning

Posted 2 years ago

 Greetings Snipers! I'm new to the series, so apologies if my question seems elementary.

While playing multiplayer I often hear a particular set of sounds. They sound similar but vary in their direction of the pitch change. Its like a eery chime of sorts. I've asked several people what the meaning of these sounds is and I've gotten different and often uncertain answers, mostly along the lines of: a teammate or someone has been tagged. I've also heard its an indicator of an enemy chasing a teammate or an enemy being near an explosive trap.

I have not been able to find a answer on the web nor any documentation in which to look - so I'm asking the community. Anyone?


Posted 2 years ago

 There is a sound effect when someone on your team tags an object (barrel, crate, etc) that kinda sounds like a gong (or a set of eery chimes).  This may be what you mean.

 Confusion to the Enemy

Posted 1 year ago

 I would love to know this as well... (Reviving this old post) I don't play online, and I hear these little flute flutter sounds that rise in pitch as if I'm being alerted to something. There are at least two different styles, one rises higher in pitch than the other which makes it seem like I'm playing a game of Hot/Cold... These are interestingly mixed into the soundtrack and NOT part of the music. They almost feel as if someone had the idea to give us "sniper's intuition" but then forgot to explain it to us. I've been searching for the meaning of these chimes/flute flutters/alerts/ghost-chimes....whatever, and people always come up with answers that it is definitely not:

1. It's nothing to do with multiplayer anything, it's a general sound effect (I don't play online)
2. It's NOT the "Hey, I'm in a bush now!" sound.
3. It's NOT the enemy change of status sound.

This typically happens when you're not in battle and are just cruising around. I'd like to think it has something to do with letting you know you're in view of some collectible, but I have no idea. It always stops me in my tracks and makes me hunt around the area for a few.... I'm just wondering if the game would be hours longer for me if someone could confirm that they are nothing special and just random noises to make it feel more dangerous or something. haha


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