Sniper Elite 4



? On custom controllers and mods

Posted 2 years ago

I have a med problem with my hands looking into custom custom controller to help. Any input would be great thanks

Posted 2 years ago

 I've got Neuropathy (bad hands) so I'm interested as well~!  PS4 here.




Posted 2 years ago

 Check out the XIM4, which allows you to use mouse and keyboard. The device itself cost $150, plus you'll need ot spring for a decent mouse. Any keyboard or gamepad will do. 

It does cost a bit in total, but for FPS games m/kb is far, far superior. Much cheaper than a gaming PC, as well. 

If you play online competitive games, keep your secret hush hush though. People consider it cheating, though it is undetectable and not a bannable offense. 

For me, it has eliminated arthritis pain but also upped my enjoyment of shooting games considerably. No more potato aim! No more fighting poor controls that create cheap difficulty. 

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