Sniper Elite 4



An additional game-type - Survival Mode

Posted 1 year ago


I play SE4 multiplayer - but my intention is to survive - not rack up 14 kills and 16 deaths (and ironically win the game!). One of the aspects of the game I really enjoy is stealth/guile - it’s what sets it apart from others like COD. I actually don't mind when folks run around with pistols like cowboys (If that's your thing - although it's slightly at odds with the ethos of a sniper game!) - it’s simply a target-rich environment!

My question is this - can a mode be developed where survival is rewarded? Scoring could be a combination of deaths vs kills.

Just a thought - I know quite a few guys who play this way as it's more ‘realistic'.

I'm putting it out there just to see if there's any support for the idea?

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