Sniper Elite 4



1.04 Patch Notes (Xbox One)



Posted 3 years ago

New Content

  • Free Elimination multiplayer mode, available on all existing multiplayer maps.
  • Free Night Woods multiplayer map, supports all competitive modes including Elimination.
  • Support for Deathstorm Part: 1 Inception and Night Fighter Expansion Pack.
  • Updated Achievements.



  • Ensured saves don’t occur while the player is in mid-air. Also reduced occurrences of saves next to an exploding vehicle.
  • Vehicles now resume what they were doing previously when restored from a save, and no longer persist with dead targets. Tweaked tank and pillbox vision.
  • Fixed various weapon glitches and bugs to reduce chances of players or AI having no visible weapon, or weapons held in the wrong pose or using the wrong animation. Picked-up weapons now retain their skin if that was not the base model.
  • Scope will no longer allow the player to see through various objects.
  • Standing in a bush no longer awards a foliage kill. Also improved the detection for various other stats and shot callouts.
  • AI now slightly less prone to exploitation by player during investigations. Dead bodies more likely to stop AI running into obvious death-traps.
  • Applied various fixes for corrupt profiles.
  • Fixed issues with various challenges:

        - No Manual Reloading (Allagra Fortress)
        - No Tagging (various)
        - Melee Ace (Abrunza Monastery)

  • Fixed miscellaneous document on Giovi Fiorini Mansion.



  • Ensured Overwatch characters are restored right way round if starting from a save.
  • Players will be harder to tag through objects.
  • Applied various out-of-world and collision fixes to reduce exploits on all maps.

Posted 3 years ago

 The patch nerds a patch to fix it go to browse games section on mp you then need to refresh the hell out of it to then change to a different game mode also night woods isn't a map best suited for no cross the game is becoming a joke almost as bad as call of duty sort it out rebellion  

Posted 3 years ago

 Okay there are many issues with SE4 with the new dlc release/update. Now it shows my Silent warfare weapons pack, camouflage rifles skin pack, and allied forces rifle pack are locked. Also the eternal struggle skin is still locked even though I fulfilled the requirements. SE4 is an excellent game. It has much to many bugs that continue to happen with each release. Rebellion please fix the issues, and stay consistent. That way all the customers that really enjoy this franchise can fully appreciate it.

Posted 3 years ago

 So its confirmed, I  did pay $90  for a game that is junk.  I feel much better now, Thanks

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