Sniper Elite 4



I downloaded the DLC's all of them They didn't work so I downloaded the season pass still nothing worked I don't know rifle scans or anything new is there an answer for that for my Xbox one for Sniper for

Posted 3 years ago

  I downloaded all the DLC's for sniper elite for that didn't work so then I bought the season pass which says I get all the DLC's but that didn't work either there's only help on how to get my DLC's the work that I pay for  ? It's on Xbox one

Thank you

Posted 3 years ago


  • Search for Sniper Elite 4 in the Xbox Store.
  • Click Addons
  • All content you are eligible should appear as free/purchased.
  • Click Download.

Posted 3 years ago

 I did and they say installed , so i restart xbox and still the same thing. If i delete the game off my xbox and reinstall it will i loss my dlc  and season pass ? would that help you think ?


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