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Map controls not Working

Posted 3 years ago

Sniper Elite 4, Xbox One 500GB

The map controls are not working in Sniper Elite 4. I can enter map mode but cannot zoom or pan the map or bring up objectives



Posted 3 years ago

 Yup, I also have seen this bug. After completing the first level, the map glitched out in Bitanti. The map was centered on me wherever I walked in the town, but the Objectives, Zoom, and other controls were not working. I rebooted my Xbox One and reloaded the game - the problem still exists.

$90 bucks for a game -  I expect the map to at least work.

Posted 3 years ago

 So I tried the following:

-Delete local save game data from XB1 HD

-Delete any XB Live cloud saves

-Delete entire game and DLC from XB1 HD, re-download (50+ GB), and re-install

-Start a new single-player campaign

The map controls do not work (LB, stick, Y or X) in the map view. This is a game-breaking bug in my opinion.

Could this be related to the Win10 update MS pushed to the XB1 two weeks ago?

Can you at least acknowledge this problem and give an estimate when it will be fixed?

Posted 3 years ago

 Must be something with Xbox. Everything works fine on PLAYSTATION 4.  Better unit anyway

Posted 3 years ago


i have the same problem... i deleted and reinstalled the game but nothing better... like changing the difficulty :in the easiest difficulty Y button appears on screen map but in hardcore no. on every case Y LB X and directions don' t work.

any solutions please ? thanks

ps: statistics screen got the same problem too

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