Sniper Elite 4



Season Pass, Silent Warfare and Covert Heroes Packs do not work.

Posted 3 years ago

 The Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass nor the Silent Warfare and Covert Heroes Packs do not I guess everyone who has paid for these have given Rebellion and interest free loan for an indefinite amount of time...despite the fact that Rebellion delayed the release date for 6 months.  I have made rank 50 and from what I have read I will be unable to unlock anything after this level.   Now when playing missions I start with "low ammo" of only 5 bullets.  Karl runs around with no rifle visible in his hands and some missions no pistol is accessible.  I love this game but giving Rebellion an interest free loan for the Season Pass that is not ready for sale is not right.  I prepaid for the first day edition for a game that has so many glitches.  Rebellion has not offered any release date and the Microsoft store will not give mt Season Pass money back.

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