Sniper Elite 4



Weapons DLC packs not working

Posted 2 years ago

 I bought all the weapons DLC's but they won't show up in the game and none of the camo is working either. Is there another patch in the works or how do I fix this?

Posted 2 years ago

  I had the Same issue with the Pre order content - Wpn Camo & Target Furher  to over come this I had to buy a season pass - This is one of Rebellions sneaky tricks to get you to spend another AUD$45.00  on top of the AUD$ 99.99 pre order edition .  why could this issue not be fixed in the first week of release -  it was a deliberate ploy to get the fans to buy a season pass because Rebellion knows the fans are not going to wait until  Mar / Apr for the Patch. 

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