Sniper Elite 4



Markers vanishing with HUD on Authentic (on both Authentic and Custom difficulties)

Posted 4 years ago

Markers on map and in the field/on binoculars/scope  vanishing with HUD on Authentic (on both Authentic and Custom difficulties) -- Various missions 


Posted 4 years ago

I don't think there's meant to be objective markers on the map or screen on Authentic difficulty. I've been playing exclusively in this mode and I LOVE playing the game without any markers whatsoever cluttering up the screen. And having no objective markers on the maps has been excellent as well because I've had to explore all areas fully rather than running from marker to marker. If it was intentional for there to be no markers then I thank the devs for for this. 

Posted 4 years ago

 dude, this vanished a few missions into my walkthrough on custom and then authentic. i cannot zoom in or out with my binoculars or sniper rifle. it is a fucking bug.

Posted 4 years ago

 Hi  guys, it`s  a bug, same problem here, on authentic, no zoom in or out on binocs and rifle, makes the game terrible...PLEASE SORT THIS...(not bothered about markers tho, 4th play through, you should remember where everything is by now?).

Posted 4 years ago

 I don't think there's meant to be a zoom on your rifle or your binoculars on Authentic difficulty., I've been playing exclusively on Authentic since release (on XBox) and I've never been able to zoom in on either rifle or binoculars. It's great because it's A U T H E N T IC, ie I don't think they had  had scopes that could change the magnification levels  in World War 2

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